Success! I actually got the wire transfer for the first invoice! Forget that it took over a month for them to actually go through with it, the important thing is that I have money now!

hear that?

that’s the sound of me getting screwed by a freelance client. probably. simultaneously anxious and frustrated and…pissed off.

i was asked by a friend of a friend of a friend to translate a book. i jumped at the chance to build my translation experience and to work on a project that seemed interesting. and the money couldn’t hurt either. so i accepted what they offered to pay and waited to receive the documents. it’s long. way long. and i was in contact with 3 different people that week. None of them gave me a definitive deadline…just sometime in the spring.

fine. i worked on it sporadically…i had lots of other things going on, including an international move and more permanent job search to occupy myself. and a long distance relationship too. besides, no exact deadline, no worries.

cue to frantic email in mid february after months of silence. they want everything done (300 pages roughly) in two weeks. no way. impossible. no contract, no deadline. so i calmly explain that it can’t be done. tell them i am happy to keep working on it but will need more time if they want a good job done. (theoretically, at this point…they could hire someone else if it were truly that urgent. and i’m willing to step down). so i wait on edge for 5 days to hear back. in this time i don’t know whether to get as much done as possible…or not do anything for fear of not getting paid because they’ve taken someone else.

so after 5 days (and email to an account i’ve already told them i hardly ever check) they give me the go ahead. take as much time as i need.

i don’t want to make them wait much longer so i work my ass off. day and night. then i realize that i shouldn’t do much more until they’ve paid me for what i’ve already done considering its size….